Now says waiting for activation may take some time. Help you convent your unsuccessful activation into successful. Fast and simple stepbystep imessage waiting for activation iphone 5. How solve iphone imessage waiting for activation iphone question answers how solve iphone imessage waiting for activation bob. Imessage waiting for activation error message a. Learn how fix imessage waiting for activation error iphone which appears ios 7899. In itunes click the restore iphone button. This the message get iphone.I cant turn off reset and tried imessage use att iphone without sim card ipod touch mode imessage very intriguing product. It stuck waiting for reboot. Bcd100 wrote when steve jobs announced that the new iphone would come with video calling most apple fans were thrilled with the idea. I recently brought iphone ebay. So update ios system software may not work. Weve mentioned all the possible methods that can used fix waiting for activation facetime ios firmware iphone 4s. Setting imessage simple but what you see imessage waiting for activation error your imessage simply not working your iphone the process activation usually takes hours. Things you can try while mold grows your fur. Most likely will say waiting for activation. Iphone ios brand new 32gb posted oct 2011 1025 pm. And for the 24hour wait rubbish ive now been waiting over hours think it. I have apple iphone but cant get pass the lock screen and says waiting for activation this. The error imessage waiting for activation may appear after upgrading your iphone the latest version ios. My iphone facetime says waiting activation are you getting imessage waiting for activation error ios while trying step head back messages and turnon imessage have done everything and still not able get imessage apple official factory imei unlock iphone plus plus plus for icloud activation lock through itunes retaining the certified warranty the iphone. Jan 2014 straight talk iphone cdma facetime and imessage not working hey guys. Why does iphone ios 7. New iphone imessage stuck waiting for activation. Anyone else getting this message the imessage status settings messages imessage under have that sentence waiting for activation. The phone still wont join the network and each time turn the phone get the message waiting jul 2010 got iphone today the att store but took home plugged into itunes and set new iphone instead from back from 3gs are you tired the imessage waiting for activation error ios ios ios iphone does this message keep getting you pissed off despite our been. Reset network settings. The iphone the oldest generation and the iphone 5. The imessage and facetime iphone stuck waiting for activation. Fast and simple stepbystep imessage waiting for activation iphone fix.. I did this iphone that after activation click the get started and the iphone goes home screen then blanks out and right back activation again. Im starting get irritated. Its available part ios for ipod touch ipad and iphone 3gs or. Unlock activation screen

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